Top 15 Words that will Certainly Disqualify Your Resume

It is a new world,a new system and distinctively a strange system. Things that would be congratulated some time past are sure to come under vehement public condemnation today. Things have changed a lot, not only in society but in the labour market. Some spices that use to make our resumes tastier are actually now poisoning vinegar to our resume now making it most difficult for recruiters to digest our resumes and possibly bring us in.

Top 15 Words that will Certainly Disqualify Your Resume

It is truly shocking that while job ads would say they would love to have team players on and even heads cooking solutions yet HR greatly think these to be highly ranking in the MOST DETESTABLE terms to have on your resume? Most assuredly, this boils down to how generic they are as a lot of other applicants would be using them just as you would. So be they are not going distinguish you from other applicants,

Here’s a list that more than 2,200 hiring managers just compiled of 15 words they NEVER want to see on your resume:

  1. Best of breed
  2. Go-getter
  3. Self-motivated
  4. Detail-oriented
  5. Think outside of the box
  6. Go-to person
  7. Team player
  8. Strategic thinker
  9. Dynamic
  10. Thought leadership
  11. Value add
  12. Synergy
  13. Results-driven
  14. Bottom-line
  15. Hard worker

These are so commonly used trust me, so it is not going to point you out in that distinct polished light which is so helpful in impressing an impression on the recruiter. The best thing to do in your resume is revealing your experience and skills as much as you can to show you are a great match! This takes an approach of concentrating details deliberately on keywords, unique successes and measurable achievements!

This might be a shocker as this a total unravelling of the foundational principles you are accustomed to writing resumes. It is possible you are now wondering what to use to mould a selling resume. Here is a well refined collection of the BEST alternative words to bring on to polish resume perfuming it enough to scent attractively to the HR themselves!


  1. Achieved: 52 percent
  1. Created: 43 percent
  1. Trained/Mentored: 47 percent
  1. Won: 13 percent
  1. Influenced: 29 percent
  1. Improved: 48 percent
  1. Volunteered: 35 percent
  1. Negotiated: 25 percent
  1. Increased/Decreased: 28 percent
  1. Ideas: 27 percent
  1. Resolved: 40 percent
  1. Under budget: 16 percent
  1. Revenue/Profits: 23 percent
  1. Launched: 24 percent
  1. Managed: 44 percent

This may actually seem weird or you but the underlying truth is these have been established to bring in results as they are better at communicating action; adequately revealing the extent to which practically you have DONE something concrete at least. These would go longer miles in separating us uncommonly from the common clients—it will really shock you how quickly it would ramp up the response rate your response garners.

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